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5 Best Locations To Live Right Now
Best Locations To Live Right Now

With the on-going political debacle, there is a nation-wide confusion as to where the housing market is currently in its prime. This can depend on house prices, popularity within the area, year-on-year comparisons and much more. This blog has identified the potential top five best locationsacross the UKespecially for those who are looking to invest or relocate.


Northampton is currently one of the best locations for those interested in investing in the near future. On average, this town sees houses get listed and sold over a period of 33 days. This high demand could be due to those who are looking to shorten their commute and move closer to popular business areas.

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Leicester has also seen and expects further growth for the upcoming years with house prices having grown by over 250% since the year 2000. The area has reported the best year-on-year growth for property prices out of all large UK cities and has been labelled as the best city in the UK to invest in property according to Hometrack’s Cities House price index.

Warrington is located between Liverpool and Manchester. Warrington can be considered as an ideal spot to invest in property to accommodate the recent influx of employees for new companies and offices. As for those who are currently looking to relocate, Warrington can offer a wide variation of both work and family opportunities.

Coventry shows great house growth as this turn of the century has shown a 250% increase in prices. In addition to this, there are fantastic rental yield options within this area, which is ideal for students who attend either of the two renowned universities which are local to Coventry. According to UK firm Private Finance, the average net rental yield excluding tax is around 5.40%. Only 5 other places in the UK come ahead of it and these yields are also accompanied by high occupancy rates.

Halifax has superb connections to major UK cities, situated just 30 minutes away from the Peak District with trains running to Leeds every 15 minutes and Manchester every 30 minutes, making it a great option for those who commute to work but want affordable accommodation. Houses in Halifax tend to those who wish for affordable homes, just outside of the city and the area accommodates to families, students and the elderly.

If you are currently dubious of whether or not to jump in to the housing market due to political uncertainty, industry experts not only suggest that you continue as normal, but they encourage that you invest sooner rather than later, so don’t hold back. Do you agree with the top 5 best locations in the UK?

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