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7 Construction Materials for 2020
Construction Materials innovations

Construction methodology is improving year after year and with builders constantly looking for new and innovative ways to develop materials, the industry is being introduced to smart, effective solutions which will prove beneficial to the cost and time frames of production.

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Here are seven of the most creative ideas to hit 2020:

    1. Programmable Cement – A form of cement which is durable and both water and chemical resistant. This cement is usually programmed to be less porous, provide a more resistant shape and limit damage to concrete and also increase the durability of structures.

    1. Cardboard – Recycling cardboard is an environmentally friendly contribution to construction materials which can be used to create a cellulose-based insulation for buildings in cold or hot climates.

    1. Strand Rods – Carbon fibre has recently found a new use in the construction industry to retrofit buildings against earthquake. A thermoplastic fibre material called CABKOMA, which is five times lighter than metal, is a popular choice for earthquake protection due to its aesthetic appeal and its durability strength.

    1. Self-Healing Concrete – A common struggle faced within the industry is the cracks which appear in the cement as the structure wears away over time. These cracks can become larger and can cause long-term damage. As a solution, a new innovative building material which consist of living spores and water capsules, produces calcite to fill the damaged area and solidify in place.

    1. Illuminating Cement – Illuminating materials will be used in road construction by trapping light from the sun in the daytime and releasing it at night, creating a glowing surface which allows builders to save on lighting costs. This material is also applicable for footpaths, swimming pools and potentially even runway construction.

    1. Cooling Bricks – Hydro-ceramic bricks are made from clay and hydrogel. They are typically used to line the outside of the buildings and as air enters the structure, the modern hydrogel material absorbs water and stores it within the brick which can then be released into the building in hot climates.

    1. Air-Cleaning Bricks – This new construction material will provide an innovative technique to improving the quality of the air within and around the building. For commercial buildings, air pollution is a common concern and using passive air filtration systems will be beneficial for both workers and building owners. The bricks are placed on the outside of the building and catch any heavy air pollutants before they enter the structure.

As technology continues to compliment creative thinking, we are seeing constant improvements in the construction industry, with innovative thinking of new ideas to aid both the industry and the environment by the day.

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