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Are Modular Homes Taking Over?
modular housing going take over

Emerging plans for modular homes are supposedly supporting the government’s goal to shut down the housing market crisis.


With recent and ongoing success, modular housing is about to reach a huge milestone in construction. With this modern approach to building, houses, offices, and blocks of flats are built in sections of a factory and later transported to the site.

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The popular UK housing design company, HTA Design LLP, spoke up about the future potential of this innovative style of new-builds. Their company history and expertise show great promise for the industry, with practice on the Croyden towers proving their success.

The chairman of HTA Design, Ben Derbyshire, said:  “Confidence is now building and the capacity to construct homes in this way is emerging. So, we will see it becoming less niche and more mainstream.”

Out of the 200,000 homes that are built each year in the UK, around 15,000 of them are modular homes. This provides many benefits to the housing market and supports the promise of supplying enough homes to meet the demand.

In addition to this, the modular housing method accounts for a much cheaper, cost-effective billing system and it also produces high-quality homes that are better for the environment.

Sekisui, Japan’s largest house builder has started a venture with the UK government to expand on the housing goals set for modular homes all across the UK. Along with this, IKEA has also had the green light from Worthing council to produce affordable modular homes. These recent progressions in the industry are making for a promising future for the desperate housing demand.

The aim of the government is to reach 300,00 new homes being built each year by the mid-2020s in order to satisfy the growing demand for new homes. With these futuristic homes being more affordable, there is more of a chance to get an increasing number of people on the property ladder.

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