Mitigate Risk With Bonds and Sureties

With each project, every decision is a promise to deliver. Go beyond agreements with Compariqo’s Bonds and Sureties to mitigate risk and secure your project.
Bonds and Sureties To Keep Your Project Covered
From performance bonds to road and sewer bonds, we ensure every agreement is fulfilled down to the finest detail of your project’s specification.
Bonds and Sureties To Keep Your Project Covered
We promise support throughout your project journey with our expert professionals on hand. Compariqo specialises in providing our clients a financial backbone so you can focus on what you do best — bringing your vision to life. Speak to one of our advisors today to find out more.
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Stay Risk-Free With Compariqo
Risk-Free Compariqo
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Bonds To Meet Regulations
Keep your project on track with our bonds and sureties to meet regulatory requirements to stay compliant and meet specifications. 
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Versatile Coverage
Ensure financial security against project disruptions, unexpected problems or contractor default. Bonds cover various scenarios so your financial security is guaranteed.
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Peace Of Mind 
Whether you’re an owner or developer, feel confident that your investment is secure, bills will be paid, and your project is on plan. 
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Used Across Industries
Our bonds are widely used in the construction industry to ensure everyone is on the same page. No false promises or mix-ups, whatever the industry.
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Diverse Bond Options
We provide a variety of bonds with one underlying principle — that financial security and contractual obligations are met. No risk, no loss.
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Transparent Communication
Our transparent communication ensures no risk and no financial uncertainty. Get a successful completion knowing you have an honest partner in Compariqo.
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Industry Expertise
As specialists in construction, you’re dealing with professionals who know the industry inside out, ensuring meticulous attention to detail, whichever solution you choose.
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Bonding Success
Explore how our bonds and sureties paved the way for project triumph. From overcoming challenges to ensuring financial security, read a case study about our client’s journey to success with Compariqo.
Meet Project Compliance
With Confidence
Your Project On Track

From construction projects for roads, sewers and crucial infrastructure, we help you pave the way towards successful infrastructure development. Road & Sewer Bonds are your project’s safety net ensuring contractors stick to requirements and meet deadlines right on time.

If any hiccups arise, the bond is there to keep your project costs covered and fast tracking it to success. No delays — just smooth, confident progress.

Performance Bonds

Make Performance Bonds your ultimate shield and keep your project bulletproof. Get contractors to deliver on their promises and ensure your projects are completed on time. 

Facing unexpected delays? No sweat. The Performance Bond will step in to offer financial peace of mind and rock-solid security. So your project is secure, no matter what is thrown your way.

Advanced Payment Bonds

Launching a construction project that needs a financial boost? Compariqo’s Advanced Payment Bonds are what you need to mitigate risk and safeguard your project. 

If your contractor is receiving advance payments, the bond ensures they keep up with the agreed terms. If they don’t, the bond recovers the advanced payment so you don’t lose out.

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Get the best Bonds and Sureties with Compariqo. Speak to our friendly team today to learn more about how we can help you.
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Choose Compariqo To Safeguard Your Project

At Compariqo, bonds and sureties aren’t just services — they’re a promise of security and success. We’re your construction allies, bringing experience, advanced expertise, and a touch of flair to every project.

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Unrivalled Industry Knowledge
With a team that lives and breathes construction, we've mastered the art of turning challenges into victories. From structural issues to contractor negotiations, we bring you the success you want. When you choose us for bonds and sureties, you're choosing a partner that knows the ins and outs of the industry.
Simplified Bonds & Sureties
From Road and Sewer Bonds to Performance Bonds and Advanced Payment Bonds, we’re your trusted navigators that keep you on track, ensuring your project sails smoothly through the complexities.
Your Construction Experts
Meet the team behind Compariqo — a blend of industry experts, professionals, pioneers and problem solvers. We're not just here to meet expectations. We exceed them, ensuring your project isn’t simply ticked off the checklist but built with brilliance. With our friendly team on hand to guide you through the process, you’re never alone with Compariqo.
Your Success, Our Priority
When it comes to bonds and sureties, don't settle for ordinary. Choose Compariqo for extraordinary service, unmatched expertise, and a touch of personality that makes every project outstanding.
What Our Customers
are Saying
Compariqo experts step in when things come up.
04 October 2023
I'll continue working with Compariqo!
Great first experience working with Compariqo. They remained very responsive throughout the entire process and Jacqui was always on hand to support with any ad-hoc queries. I'll continue to work with Compariqo for my future developments.
Ross Ashford
06 March 2023
Excellent customer service…
Just wanted to express my sincere thanks to Carlos Garcia and Susan Young who have been helping with getting my first warranty certificate completed this week. Both of them have been super helpful and highly responsive in walking me through and pushing along the process. Thanks guys.
Jonathan Murphy
25 February 2023
PCC with Compariqo
Our flat’s 10 year warranty company went into liquidation and when it came to sell we needed something to satisfy lender requirements - that’s when I contacted Compariqo to obtain a PCC. Our main point of contact was Andrew who alongside Susan managed to turn it around in a week! Andrew would always get back to us the same day and was more than happy to answer any questions we had! We can’t thank them enough for their thoroughness and help during this process!
06 June 2023
Good value professional company
I contacted this company after reading their reviews and was not disappointed. They were speedy and professional to deal with, exactly what I needed. I thought there price was fair and the service throughout was faultless.
22 September 2022
Carlos from Compariqo is your guy
Carlos from Compariqo is your go to guy if you need assistance with a warranty. We needed a structural warranty for a house we had built and most companies refused to help as the build was already completed. Carlos went above and beyond to get us the warranty within a week and kept us constantly updated throughout. We will definitely be using Carlos again next year hopefully under less stressful circumstances!
Mrs Fisher
Frequently asked questions
What are bonds and sureties?

Bonds and sureties are financial instruments that provide a guarantee of performance, ensuring completion of a project and protection against financial loss in case of contractor default.

How does a surety bond work in construction projects?

Common types of bonds include performance bonds, payment bonds, and bid bonds. Performance bonds assure project completion, payment bonds ensure subcontractors get paid, and bid bonds secure the bidding process.

Why are bonds required in construction contracts?

Bonds are often required to mitigate risks for project owners. They provide financial security, reassuring stakeholders that the contractor will fulfil contractual obligations, ensuring project success.

How are sureties different from insurance?

Sureties and insurance both provide financial protection, but sureties involve a three-party agreement. The principal (contractor) obtains the bond from the surety to guarantee obligations to the obligee (project owner) in case of default.

Can small contractors obtain bonds?

Yes, small contractors can obtain bonds. Compariqo offers solutions tailored to the size and needs of smaller contractors, helping them participate in larger projects.

What factors affect bond premiums?

Factors include the contractor’s financial health, credit history, project size, and type. A contractor with a strong track record and financial stability often receives lower bond premiums.

How do I choose the right bond for my project?

Choosing the right bond depends on project requirements. Consult with Compariqo to assess your needs and guide you in selecting the most suitable bond for your project.

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