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Build Up, Not Out
build up not out

Prospects from the conservative party state that we abandon the requirements for planning permission for homeowners allowing them to build two storeys on top of their homes without the need to seek neighbourly approval.


This would mean that homeowners can add two floors on top of their home, using the same legislation for small-scale extensions. This is to promote the conservative motives to “build up, not out”.

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Despite these new, lenient regulations, there are still council-set guidelines which require to be met. If these guidelines are met, there will be no official procedure for neighbours to object.

Although, councils will still possess authority to limit builds based on criteria, including how they adapt to the local aesthetic.

Robert Jenrick, a UK Housing Secretary, said: “The bold changes to the planning process will make a real difference to people up and down the nation.

“All too often the planning system proves complicated, outdated and bureaucratic and is too complex and costly for people and small businesses to navigate. This is a barrier to building the homes that we need, and it must change.

According to critics, this scheme would provide little aid to the housing crisis, as the UK charity, Shelter, says that around 3 million social homes are needed throughout the next 20 years in order to meet demand.

This scheme is set to roll out in January 2020, with purpose-built flats being first to build upwards with their extensions. All detached houses will join the movement later on in the year.

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