Here’s What Millennials Are Looking For:

Here’s What Millennials Are Looking For:

If you are one of the many people to take a new approach to house renovation for investment purposes, you will need to stay updated on the trends that will help to sell your home.

As millennial wealth grows, the younger generations are getting more of a say when it comes to house development and design. A recent survey took place to determine exactly what sells in a home and what doesn’t.

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Here’s what the results showed:


    • 44% want a kitchen island

    • 40%  want smart appliances

    • 32%  want a coffee machine

    • 30%  want a white kitchen

    • 30%  want an open plan kitchen/diner

    • 30%  want patio doors

    • 25%  want a pantry


    • 52%   want an ensuite

    • 50%   want a walk-in wardrobe

    • 27%   want a white bedroom

    • 25%   want a grey bedroom

    • 24%   want a feature wall

    • 23%   want throw pillows

    • 21%   want a four-poster bed

Living Room

    • 50%    want a smart TV

    • 42%    want a corner sofa

    • 36%    want an open fire

    • 30%    want a luxury rug

    • 30%    want a white living room

    • 30%    want folding doors onto the patio

    • 27%    want a grey living room

After closer analysation from furniture specialists, it became clear that wide patio doors and grand open fires are expensive to install and don’t always prove beneficial to the developer.

If you’re looking to appeal to millennials, dedicate your budget on creating a better social atmosphere by bringing in a corner sofa or a smart TV.

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