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High-Tech Headwear to Reduce Likelihood of Brain Injury

The Nexus construction helmet will, in March, have a new upgraded version revealed that incorporates a new technology called Mips (a Swedish safety helmet technology), to improve safety and reduce the risk of concussion or serious brain injury.


The helmet, which is produced by UK PPE specialist company Centurion Safety Products will be the first of its kind to be used in the UK construction sector, even though the helmet is already widely used in the sport cycling market. The technology incorporated into the helmet is the Mips ‘cradle’ rotational impact protection system. 


Although the existing Centurion Nexus helmet already features an advanced six-point cradle system to reduce impact shock, the addition of Mips technology will enhance protection even further by decreasing rotational motion which would be transferred to the head upon impact.

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After a slip or fall, it is usual to impact the ground at an angle. If there is an impact to the head at an angle from a falling object or debris, this may cause rotational motion to the head.  With Mips, a ‘low friction layer’ allows the head to move up to between 10 and 15mm in all directions inside the helmet, which can help to redirect the rotational motion which would otherwise be impacted on the head.

Studies show that the brain is up to seven times more susceptible to damage from rotational motion than to linear motion.  Consequences from rotational motion can be detrimental to brain tissue damage and can lead to concussion or more serious injuries.

CEO of Centurion Safety Products said “As leaders in above-the-neck PPE, our customers trust us to be at the forefront of head protection innovation, so we are constantly looking at how we can ensure our products not only meet relevant safety standards but exceed them.

“We are therefore excited to become the first company to incorporate the Mips cradle rotational impact protection system into our helmets. The Mips system will be featured in our market-leading Centurion Nexus helmet, which is already a stand-out product thanks to its advanced safety standards.”

CEO of Mips, Max Strandwitz said “We are very proud to announce this partnership. Centurion is a trusted, well-established British PPE manufacturer of over 140 years, who share our values and lead in occupational head protection. We know that construction workers are particularly at risk for accidents, especially head injuries.

“For people who take a high risk because of their occupation, the best possible helmet at work should also be a priority. Protection against rotational motion should be as important for safety helmets as airbags and seatbelts are in cars,”

Image from Centurion Safety

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