Committed to upholding and improving standards in the construction industry


Committed to upholding and improving standards in the construction industry

Compariqo Membership Scheme

Compariqo is committed to upholding and improving standards in the construction industry.


That’s why we formed the Compariqo Membership scheme for builders and developers.  As such, any developer or builder that has bought structural insurance for their project will need to become a member of Compariqo.

It’s our responsibility to protect homeowners and their rights should any issues arise with structural defects in their new home.

As a listed member, you will be signed up to Compariqo’s Consumer Code, which is our promise to homeowners that we will monitor and educate members and their dedication to building a quality home.


For an applicant to become a member, Compariqo will carry out the following checks:

  • Applicants must be solvent
  • They must satisfy the relevant due diligence checks that we will carry out
  • They must agree to comply with the rules and responsibilities of the membership scheme
  • Applicants must demonstrate their relevant experience in the industry


Why Join the scheme?

All builders and developers who are applying for Strucural Insurance will be required to join our membership scheme and will also need to subsbribe to Compariqo’s Consumer Code to ensure that they are upholding their obligations to homeowners.

What if I only want to purchase a product that is not Structural Insurance?

If you are purchasing one of our commercial lines of insurance other than Structural Insurance, you will not be obliged to join the Membership Scheme. However, as we are continuing to expand the services and products we provide to our members, we recommend that you join our scheme.

How much does the scheme cost?

Membership carries an annual fee of £295 and is required if you are purchasing structural insurance with Compariqo.  Upon renewal of your Membership, you will be given a 10% discount on your next quote for Strucural Insurance.

We will soon be introducing a tiered membership scheme based on the number of units you build each year.  This will benefit sole traders and builders who develop a small number of units each year.

What if my project is not completed at the end of the membership year?

If your project is still under construction by the end of the membership period, you will be required to renew your membership.  We will not not be able to release a final certificate if your membership is not active at the time of build completion.

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Why Choose Us

We really understand the new build residential warranty and property market and can offer transparency and choice when it comes to selecting a finance provider or Structural defects insurance for your development.

Our team have access to multiple lines of insurance and can get the best price for an individual circumstance. With more providers out there, more choice and different levels of cover based on specific types of developments, we can save customers the hassle of shopping around by condensing the search for a quote into a single phone call.

Furthermore, we also provide a range of other products and services that will support developers and house builders including property finance, surety and road bonds, CAR, EL and PL.