Shield Against Liability With Professional Indemnity Insurance

From negligence to errors to omissions in services, protect yourself from financial losses and liability with Compariqo’s Professional Indemnity Insurance.
Comprehensive and Reliable Professional Indemnity Insurance
Stay in control with Professional Indemnity Insurance that shields professionals from claims due to negligence or error. Worried about your professional reputation? We’ve got you covered.
Unforeseen circumstances can leave you exposed to unexpected liabilities. But our experts ensure your coverage aligns with potential risks, leaving no room for surprises. Don't gamble with uncertainties — secure your professional journey with confidence and trust in Compariqo.
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Explore personalised PI insurance options that keep your professional path smooth and worry-free.
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Stay Protected With PI Insurance
Whether you’re looking for structural insurance, construction insurance or something else altogether, your bottom line will see the difference of the Compariqo advantage.
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Customised Coverage
Get PI insurance that speaks your language. We customise coverage to your profession's unique risks, ensuring comprehensive protection.
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Legal Fee & Defense Coverage
Fend off legal battles stress-free. Our PI insurance covers legal fees and defence costs, saving you time and resources.
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Financial Safeguard For Damages
Shield your finances. In the face of claims, our PI insurance covers damages, securing your assets and professional standing.
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Specialised Protection For Advisors
We specialise in coverage for consultants, architects, engineers, and more, mitigating profession-specific risks.
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Rapid Response Claims Handling
No delays, no headaches. Our swift claims handling ensures you get the support you need exactly when you need it — and fast.
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Risk Mitigation and Prevention Insights
Stay one step ahead. Our PI insurance provides insights to mitigate risks, preventing potential claims before they even arise.
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Robust Professional Protection
Discover how our clients triumph over challenges with Professional Indemnity Insurance for architects, engineers, advisors and more. Learn from our clients’ real-world success stories — your roadmap to confidence and financial security.
What Our Customers
are Saying
Compariqo experts step in when things come up.
04 October 2023
I'll continue working with Compariqo!
Great first experience working with Compariqo. They remained very responsive throughout the entire process and Jacqui was always on hand to support with any ad-hoc queries. I'll continue to work with Compariqo for my future developments.
Ross Ashford
06 March 2023
Excellent customer service…
Just wanted to express my sincere thanks to Carlos Garcia and Susan Young who have been helping with getting my first warranty certificate completed this week. Both of them have been super helpful and highly responsive in walking me through and pushing along the process. Thanks guys.
Jonathan Murphy
25 February 2023
PCC with Compariqo
Our flat’s 10 year warranty company went into liquidation and when it came to sell we needed something to satisfy lender requirements - that’s when I contacted Compariqo to obtain a PCC. Our main point of contact was Andrew who alongside Susan managed to turn it around in a week! Andrew would always get back to us the same day and was more than happy to answer any questions we had! We can’t thank them enough for their thoroughness and help during this process!
06 June 2023
Good value professional company
I contacted this company after reading their reviews and was not disappointed. They were speedy and professional to deal with, exactly what I needed. I thought there price was fair and the service throughout was faultless.
22 September 2022
Carlos from Compariqo is your guy
Carlos from Compariqo is your go to guy if you need assistance with a warranty. We needed a structural warranty for a house we had built and most companies refused to help as the build was already completed. Carlos went above and beyond to get us the warranty within a week and kept us constantly updated throughout. We will definitely be using Carlos again next year hopefully under less stressful circumstances!
Mrs Fisher
Your Dedicated Experts In Professional Indemnity Insurance

Speak to our professional team to discuss how we can help you with PI insurance.

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Professional Expertise That Speaks Volumes
Need experts in PI insurance? With years of experience under our belt, Compariqo helps you navigate the complexities of Professional Indemnity Insurance. Our team's extensive background speaks volumes so you can focus on doing what you do best while staying protected.
PI Insurance for Every Professional
We understand the intricacies of various professions, offering specialised protection for consultants, advisors, engineers architects, and more. Keep your stellar professional reputation intact with PI Insurance.
Committed To Your Success
Behind every policy is a team committed to your success. Our experts aren't just insurance professionals. They're your allies, securing your professional journey whether you’re drawing up building blueprints or installing a beam.
Bespoke Insurance Options
There’s one-size-fits-all insurance here. Compariqo specialises in creating coverage that aligns precisely with the risks faced by your profession and covers any legal costs, court fees and more, if needed.
Efficient Claims Handling
In the world of insurance, time matters. Our rapid-response claims handling ensures you get the support you need precisely when you need it, minimising disruptions to your business.
A Positive Partnership
With Compariqo, we’re more than just insurance. You get a solid alliance that takes your professional journey forward. Confidence, expertise, and reliability—all wrapped up in one insurance solution.
Frequently asked questions
What is Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Professional Indemnity Insurance is a policy that protects professionals against financial losses resulting from claims of negligence, errors, or omissions in their services.

Who needs Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Architects, engineers and other construction professionals who provide advice, designs, or consultancy services should consider PII to safeguard against potential claims.

What types of risks does Professional Indemnity Insurance cover?

PII covers risks associated with professional negligence, errors, mistakes, breaches of duty, or wrongful advice that may lead to financial losses for clients.

Is Professional Indemnity Insurance compulsory for architects and engineers?

While it may not be legally mandatory in all locations, many clients, contracts, and industry bodies require architects and engineers to have PII to ensure a level of professional responsibility.

What factors affect Professional Indemnity Insurance premiums?

Premiums are influenced by factors such as the professional’s experience, the size of the projects undertaken, coverage limits, and the nature of the services provided.

Can Professional Indemnity Insurance cover legal fees?

Yes, PII covers legal fees including court fees all of which can be substantial in case of a lawsuit.

How can professionals reduce the risk of Professional Indemnity Insurance?

What PII, you risk shouldering the full financial burden of legal fees and compensation in case of claims related to professional negligence or errors in your services.

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Guarantee Your Professional Protection Today
Explore personalised Pl insurance solutions with Compariqo. Connect with our experts and safeguard your professional journey today.
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