Structural Warranty Insurance

Protect your project against unexpected disasters or unplanned maintenance. With same-day quotes, contact our team to learn more about our structural warranty solutions. 
Reliable Experts In Structural Warranty
Insurance is the foundation of every secure and successful project.
At Compariqo, we redefine your insurance experience. With a combination of industry expertise, data-driven underwriting, and advanced technology, we’re committed to providing you with the perfect insurance solution.
Reliable Experts In Structural Warranty
One-size-fits-all policies not working for you? Choose between A-Rated and Unrated cover for protection that fits like a glove, bespoke to you. Make your project a success with a personalised quote and reliable cover.
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The Compariqo Difference
Whether you’re looking for structural warranty, construction insurance or something else altogether, your bottom line will see the difference of the Compariqo advantage.
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Customised Coverage
Enjoy the freedom to choose structural warranty that aligns with your project specifications for comprehensive protection.
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Swift Solutions
Experience efficiency and gain instant access to quotes from our insurers. Eliminate delays and make informed decisions right away.
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Peace Of Mind
From A-rated to Unrated, our flexible solutions help you decide the level of security your project requires. Get peace of mind — and your chosen coverage.
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Guidance At Every Step
From offering comprehensive support to addressing your unique challenges with expertise, we stand right by your side at every project stage.
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Simplicity In Action
With a straightforward approach, Compariqo ensures a hassle-free experience. Simplify structural warranty for your project with our seamless process.
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Expert Consultation
Get expert advice and consultation from our team of professionals. Our experts will guide you through the finer details of construction insurance.
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Our Projects
We work with businesses of all sizes. From personalised solutions to reliable coverage, we’ve revolutionised projects with our efficient structural warranty process. Read our client success stories to find out more.
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Flexible Coverage
Discover a new era in construction insurance at Compariqo. With our data-driven precision and expertise, our unique approach allows you to choose between a range of coverage with flexibility and versatility like never before.
Comprehensive Support

Simplify your structural warranty process into a single phone call that provides quick and speedy insurance quotes without the wait.

Diverse Protection Options

Our offerings provide limitless reinstatement values, diverse rated and unrated coverage options, and customisable policy durations of 10 or 12 years, ensuring seamless alignment with your project’s specific needs.

10-Year Safety Net

Buying a house? Our 10-year Structural Warranty Cover ensures a safeguard against unexpected costs. Whether it’s foundation, roofing, walls, floors, windows or doors, you’re guaranteed to be covered with our reliable safety net.

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Get the best structural warranty and construction cover with Compariqo — your partner in property protection. Speak to our friendly team today to learn more about how we can help you.
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Your Trusted Partner In Structural Warranty

At Compariqo, we’re not just in the business of providing structural warranty. We safeguard your dreams so your journey in building or selling a new home is a secure and joyful one.

We’re dedicated to building lasting partnerships with our clients, offering our friendly and helpful expertise, and redefining the standards in the world of structural insurance.

As an independent insurance provider, Compariqo specialises in arranging ten and twelve-year structural warranty and construction insurance cover. We also offer extensive property finance solutions for the construction industry and property market across the UK.
By blending technology with our expertise, we’ve revolutionised the structural warranty and property finance market.
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Why Choose Us?
Working with Compariqo brings you a wealth of benefits. With a team of trusted professionals to guide you through the process, your building is in safe hands with Compariqo.
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Our seasoned team brings a wealth of knowledge to the table. From insurance to warranty provision and property finance, we've got you covered like no one else.
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We tailor our coverage options to fit your project, no matter the scale. Big or small, we've got your back.
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Experience lightning-fast results with our cutting-edge quick quote system. We've streamlined the process for your convenience so you can focus on what you do best.
What Our Customers
are Saying
Compariqo experts step in when things come up.
04 October 2023
I'll continue working with Compariqo!
Great first experience working with Compariqo. They remained very responsive throughout the entire process and Jacqui was always on hand to support with any ad-hoc queries. I'll continue to work with Compariqo for my future developments.
Ross Ashford
06 March 2023
Excellent customer service…
Just wanted to express my sincere thanks to Carlos Garcia and Susan Young who have been helping with getting my first warranty certificate completed this week. Both of them have been super helpful and highly responsive in walking me through and pushing along the process. Thanks guys.
Jonathan Murphy
25 February 2023
PCC with Compariqo
Our flat’s 10 year warranty company went into liquidation and when it came to sell we needed something to satisfy lender requirements - that’s when I contacted Compariqo to obtain a PCC. Our main point of contact was Andrew who alongside Susan managed to turn it around in a week! Andrew would always get back to us the same day and was more than happy to answer any questions we had! We can’t thank them enough for their thoroughness and help during this process!
06 June 2023
Good value professional company
I contacted this company after reading their reviews and was not disappointed. They were speedy and professional to deal with, exactly what I needed. I thought there price was fair and the service throughout was faultless.
22 September 2022
Carlos from Compariqo is your guy
Carlos from Compariqo is your go to guy if you need assistance with a warranty. We needed a structural warranty for a house we had built and most companies refused to help as the build was already completed. Carlos went above and beyond to get us the warranty within a week and kept us constantly updated throughout. We will definitely be using Carlos again next year hopefully under less stressful circumstances!
Mrs Fisher
Frequently asked questions
What is structural warranty insurance, and why do I need it?

Structural warranty is a type of coverage that protects homeowners and developers from the financial impact of structural defects in a property. You need it for ensuring financial security and peace of mind, especially in the first 10 to 12 years after a build’s completion.

How does customise structural warranty for my project?

At Compariqo, we customise your coverage options, so your structural warranty matches the specific needs of your project. Our range includes choices between A-Rated and Unrated cover, ensuring flexibility and precision in your coverage.

What sets Compariqo apart from other insurance providers?

Compariqo stands out for its blend of expertise, technology-driven solutions, and a commitment to revolutionising the structural warranty and property finance market. Our experienced team, same-day quote service, and comprehensive support distinguish us as a reliable partner.

How quickly can I get a structural warranty quote from Compariqo?

With our streamlined process, receive an instant structural warranty quote from Compariqo. We understand the value of time and strive to provide efficient solutions without unnecessary delays.

Can Compariqo assist with other construction-related insurances?

Absolutely. At Compariqo, we offer a wide range of construction and business-related insurances, including Contractors All Risks Insurance, Professional Indemnity Insurance, and more. Our goal is to provide comprehensive support for builders and developers at every stage of their projects.

Why is a 10-year structural warranty cover essential for my property?

A 10-year structural warranty cover acts as a safety net, offering financial protection against unexpected structural issues. It provides peace of mind, enhances resale value, and is typically a key requirement for mortgage lenders.

How does Compariqo ensure data-driven underwriting for structural insurance?

Compariqo leverages data-driven underwriting to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of our insurance solutions. Our team combines industry expertise with cutting-edge technology to provide you with a reliable and informed insurance experience.

What additional cover options are available with Compariqo's structural warranty?

Beyond the core structural warranty insurance, Compariqo offers additional cover options such as Contractor Insolvency Cover, Deposit Protection Cover, and more. These options can be included in your policy to provide enhanced protection for your project.

Discover Tailored Solutions for Every Project
Whether you're looking for latent defects insurance or a specialist provider, Compariqo is the partner you need to make your project a success. With bespoke solutions and a network of contacts, we'll help you navigate a range of products tailored to your circumstances.

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