All-Inclusive Contractor &
Property Coverage

Get bespoke coverage for all your construction project needs with our range of comprehensive coverage bespoke to you. Whether it's vacant property concerns or construction risks, Compariqo keeps your business protected.
Dynamic Insurance Solutions
Get tailored coverage for construction projects and contracting risks. Whether your property sits empty between tenancies or is left empty during construction, our bespoke solutions are personalised to you to safeguard your investments.
Dynamic Insurance Solutions
Worried about unexpected costs and financial strain? Vacant Property Insurance will help you navigate any challenges that arise with unoccupied property, while Contractors All Risk Insurance shields you from construction-related hazards. From unique constructions to ongoing projects, our friendly team will walk you through everything you need to know.
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Robust & Comprehensive Insurance Coverage
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Bespoke Insurance
Vacant Property Insurance and Contractors All Risk Insurance provides tailored coverage that’s specifically for non-standard construction projects and contracting risks.
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Simplified Solutions
Our insurance experts understand the intricacies of unique properties. From unoccupied to structures under construction, we ensure your project runs smoothly.
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Lifeline For Contractors
Our contractors all-risk insurance is your lifeline, covering everything from materials on-site to completed works, ensuring your business survives unforeseen challenges.
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Specialist Expertise
Our insurance handling experts will guide through the process with specialist know-how on unoccupied properties, non-standard constructions, and buildings under construction.
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Efficient Claims Handling
For owners of vacant or non-standard properties, our insurance provides comprehensive and customised protection for the ultimate peace of mind.
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Safeguarding Materials
Our CAR insurance not only covers your works but also protects all materials on or near the construction site — a comprehensive solution for comprehensive protection.
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Our Client Success: Vacant Property & CAR Insurance
Discover how our customised coverage provided security and peace of mind when they needed our dynamic insurance solutions for their project. Read to learn how we helped them take the strides towards success.
Secure Solutions
For Every Project
Explore tailored and personalised insurance solutions for construction projects and contracting risks. From vacant property insurance for unusual scenarios to comprehensive contractors all risk coverage, we've got you covered.
Protect Your Unoccupied Assets

Whether your property is between tenancies, undergoing a complete refurbishment, or is incomplete, our bespoke vacant property insurance provides the protection you need. Our brokers are here to guide you through the process.

Contractors All Risk Insurance: Your Construction Safety Net

Bring construction projects to life without a worry. Our contractors’ all risk insurance is the lifeline you need. From covering accidental physical loss or damage during construction, look after your business and keep it protected against unplanned costs and liabilities.

Solutions For Non-Standard Property Risks

Our insurance experts specialise in non-standard property cover, including unoccupied properties, buildings undergoing non-standard construction including timber-framed, prefabricated, and steel-framed homes, and structures under construction. Get vacant property insurance now to meet your project’s needs.

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Comprehensive Coverage For Construction Works

Contractors’ all risk insurance isn’t just about covering completed projects — it’s about staying protected and supported at every stage. From materials and tools left onsite to the contract works in progress, safeguard your project with confidence in our comprehensive protection for your construction ventures.

Your Insurance Allies

Ready to discuss your insurance needs? Contact our experts and let’s talk details today. We’re here to provide guidance and coverage for successful and secure construction projects.

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Expertise That Echoes In Every Policy

Compariqo stands at the intersection of experience and innovation. Our founders bring years of expertise in insurance underwriting, warranty provision, business development, property finance, and legal compliance.

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Reshaping Insurance
At Compariqo, we don't just offer insurance. We lead a revolution in the structural warranty and property finance market. Through data-driven underwriting, market knowledge, and expertise, we're reshaping how projects are secured and financed..
Customised Solutions At Every Stage
Why are we your top choice? Our extensive product range ensures we can secure financing or arrange insurance cover at every phase of your project's development. From ten and twelve-year structural warranties to construction insurance, we've got you covered.
Vacant Property Insurance: Covering the Gaps
Vacant periods or ongoing renovations leaving you vulnerable? Our Vacant Property Insurance bridges those gaps, providing bespoke and personalised coverage for property owners facing non-standard and unique circumstances.
Protected In All Situations
Construction comes with its risks, but with Contractors All Risk Insurance, you're not left alone. Protect your business from unexpected costs and potential injuries with our contractors and subcontractors insurance tailored for unconventional and unique situations.
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Whether it's unoccupied properties, non-standard constructions, or buildings under construction, Compariqo’s insurance experts are ready to create a solution that fits your specifications.
What Our Customers
are Saying
Compariqo experts step in when things come up.
04 October 2023
I'll continue working with Compariqo!
Great first experience working with Compariqo. They remained very responsive throughout the entire process and Jacqui was always on hand to support with any ad-hoc queries. I'll continue to work with Compariqo for my future developments.
Ross Ashford
06 March 2023
Excellent customer service…
Just wanted to express my sincere thanks to Carlos Garcia and Susan Young who have been helping with getting my first warranty certificate completed this week. Both of them have been super helpful and highly responsive in walking me through and pushing along the process. Thanks guys.
Jonathan Murphy
25 February 2023
PCC with Compariqo
Our flat’s 10 year warranty company went into liquidation and when it came to sell we needed something to satisfy lender requirements - that’s when I contacted Compariqo to obtain a PCC. Our main point of contact was Andrew who alongside Susan managed to turn it around in a week! Andrew would always get back to us the same day and was more than happy to answer any questions we had! We can’t thank them enough for their thoroughness and help during this process!
06 June 2023
Good value professional company
I contacted this company after reading their reviews and was not disappointed. They were speedy and professional to deal with, exactly what I needed. I thought there price was fair and the service throughout was faultless.
22 September 2022
Carlos from Compariqo is your guy
Carlos from Compariqo is your go to guy if you need assistance with a warranty. We needed a structural warranty for a house we had built and most companies refused to help as the build was already completed. Carlos went above and beyond to get us the warranty within a week and kept us constantly updated throughout. We will definitely be using Carlos again next year hopefully under less stressful circumstances!
Mrs Fisher
Frequently asked questions
How do I insure an unoccupied property?

To insure an unoccupied property, you can opt for Vacant Property Insurance. This specialised coverage safeguards against risks like vandalism and damage, providing protection during periods of property vacancy.

What is Vacant Property Insurance?

Vacant Property Insurance, or unoccupied house insurance provides coverage for properties unoccupied for an extended period, safeguarding against risks like vandalism and damage.

What does Contractors’ All Risk Insurance include?

CAR Insurance covers construction-related risks, encompassing damage to the works, third-party liabilities, and more during a construction project.

When is Contractors’ All Risk Insurance required?

CAR Insurance is essential for construction projects to protect against unforeseen events that may disrupt or damage the works.

Can Contractors’ All Risk Insurance be customised?

Yes, policies are tailored to project-specific needs, covering various elements such as materials, equipment, and third-party liabilities.

Is Unoccupied House Insurance different for Commercial and Residential Properties?

Policies may vary based on the property type, occupancy history, and intended use

Are Vandalism and Theft covered in Vacant Property Insurance?

Yes, most policies include coverage for vandalism, theft, and other perils specific to vacant properties.

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Experience insurance that adapts to your needs at Compariqo. Our bespoke vacant property insurance and contractors’ all risk insurance have you covered. Make us your go-to for every project stage.

Connect with our friendly team and secure your property today.

Speak To Us Today About Your Insurance Needs
Experience insurance that adapts to your needs at Compariqo. Our bespoke vacant property insurance and contractors' all risk insurance have you covered. Make us your go-to for every project stage.

Connect with our friendly team and secure your property today.
Get unique access to the UK's most experienced property and construction team today and discover what makes Compariqo different.

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