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Vehicle Traffic in Construction
problematic construction traffic

There are many dangers in the construction industry. Statistics show that around seven workers die each year due to accidents involving vehicles, and that is only on-site. There are even more accidents on public roads.


For every construction site, rules must be put into place in order to ensure a safer environment for both workers and nearby pedestrians, whether the vehicle is traveling on site or between sites.

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To keep yourself and those around you safe, read these tips to learn more about traffic management:

    • Avoid reversing whenever possible

    • Schedule the travel between sites for the least active time of day for motorists

    • Consider where certain activities will need to take place in order to organise all elements prior setting off onto the road. (i.e. tipping, unloading, trimming, etc

    • Consider the traffic routes and the disruptions that you may encounter along the way.
        • Bends

        • Gates or tolls

        • Overhead cables

        • Unprotected edges on hard shoulders

        • Junctions

        • Small, narrow roads

        • A steep gradient

A steep gradient can affect several aspects of traveling with construction vehicles, such as:

    • The driver’s ability to control the vehicle

    • The extent to which the contents of the vehicle can be contained, especially liquids

    • The stability of the vehicle, as the following vehicles become almost uncontrollable in some circumstances:
        • Lift trucks

        • Raised tipper lorries

        • Liquid container trailers

To minimise any risk elements of traveling in construction, these rules must be taken into great consideration. Across the UK, there are many safety problems for common vehicle operations and addressing the situation before any transportation projects will be a benefit to both drivers and pedestrians.

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